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Amazing Grace is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and personal development of all students. We have created a nurturing environment where our students can discover their entire person. Amazing Grace welcomes your children to join our family and begin their successful future.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission at Amazing Grace is to provide children with quality educational courses and extracurricular activities in a safe, encouraging and enriching environment. With the aid of caring and professional staff and family involvement, we aim to foster growth and learning in all aspect for student education.


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What Parents Say

Our children have been attending the Grace School for more than 6 years, growing and blossoming from preschoolers into motivated and confident mid-schoolers. The Grace school provides an unparalleled safe and enriched setting for students which is crucial to their learning and personal development stage. We really appreciate the warmth, responsiveness and dedicated support from Principal Cici and all the teachers here. The School not only provides the exceptional academic education, but also cultivates the soft skills including emotional intelligence, creativity, social and personality development for students. Our children have always been inspired and nurtured in important ways under this environment. We believe the Grace School is an incredible place that will prepare the students to grow into a knowledgeable, passionate, trustworthy, and responsible citizen and succeed in the rapidly changing world.

Qiong Xu

As busy working parents, we appreciate all that the Grace School has done. My son was in the first class of 2015 in the Grace School when he was in kindergarten. As the youngest student, he got extra love and care from the teachers and staff. In elementary school, he enjoyed the challenging academic afterschool programs and various fun and enjoyable enrichment programs in the Grace School. He never forgot his first mentoring teacher Mrs. Chen who initiated him into Chinese. He built a solid foundation of Pinyin and Chinese culture in the immersive learning Chinese program. Most importantly, he learned how to be a good citizen and a good person. The Principle Cici, teachers, and staff love students and are passionate about teaching. We love the Grace School, its safety, atmosphere, and the wonderful opportunities it keeps creating for the students.

Cathy Hou

Grace Academy is always our to go for the little ones for afterschool program, enrichment classes, and camps.

Our little one has improved so much acedemically, socially, and emotionally here.


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